Sunday, November 24, 2013

a kitchen redo

When Nate moved into his house he completely revamped almost everything...from painting ceilings to tearing up carpet and re finishing the hard wood floors and ripping out the entire full bath. It's beautiful and of course took him a very long time to finish.  Needless to say the kitchen was never touched but it is pretty neutral and a livable space.  

There is a thing though...this obnoxiously UGLY faux brick back splash.   It's been haunting me since Nate and I started dating (3 years now) and I finally decided that it had to go.  It would have been a disaster to rip out (we would have had to drywall everything and start from scratch) so to save time and money we decided to paint it!  We went with white and I'm sure glad we did!  The entire kitchen feels so much bigger, brighter and refreshed!.  There is still some work to be done but for now it feels like a brand new space!

I love white on white.  it's clean and needs a few pops of color to make it fun!  Nate is not a huge fan of all white so we compromised and painted an accent wall (not my favorite but again, compromise!) I love the color we chose and can't wait to get something on that wall...I'm thinking white but we'll have to see! 

ps- sorry about the crazy reflection light on the wall.

let's talk soon!

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