Sunday, November 10, 2013

a friendly trip to Musgrave Orchard

Visiting an apple orchard with my bestie has been on the 'to do' list for quite some time... were talking about 8-9 years here.  we tried to go once back in college but it was closed and again last year but time slipped by us and we didn't make it.  I was determined to get there this year.  I mean, it HAD to happen. So we went on a Sunday afternoon and it was perfect.  The weather was perfect, the drive was perfect, the orchard was adorable and of course the apples were amazing.

They were selling caramel apples so of course we had to get one. I was in for a big surprise when the lade picked an apple from a box, stuck it, dipped it in caramel and rolled it in nuts RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! I guess I assumed it was going to be dipped and in some sort of plastic holder. I'm so glad I was wrong!  It was the BEST caramel apple I've ever had (it was still warm).

I hope we can make it back next year (I'm already craving that caramel apple).

lets talk soon,


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