Monday, July 1, 2013

let's catch up!

Once again, time has slipped away from me.  The older I get (I'm not old) I realize more and more things that I want to do slip by.  This is not good.  Let this be the last time I go so long without posting...

So many thing have happened since my last post.  The biggest event was becoming an aunt!  It has been so SO wonderful!  I don't see Ellie as much as I want to (something else I need to work on).  I'm so scared that when she starts to recognize people in her life I won't be one of them!  I would be devastated. I can't bare the thought of that!  She is the most precious tiny human I've ever encountered. Our family has definitely changed a bit BUT in the best way!  Love LOVE the little Elster.

Happy Grandpa

life's already getting to her and she's only a few hours old :)

two days old!

proud mommy and aunt!

happy easter!

time to get baptized!

The second event was Nate getting an airplane!  Nate's ultimate dream has been to own his own plane and after months and months of dedicated research and planning, he made it happen!  I couldn't be happier for him!  We had a fun trip to Ohio to pick the plane up.  It just so happened to be the weekend after my birthday so we had a nice dinner and delicious beers at a local brewery.  It's so awesome to watch someones dreams come true right before your eyes. 

Vans RV- 4

proud plane owner

getting ready to fly her home!

Nate and I went to Florida in January to escort aunt Lillian to the Sunshine State.  It was a much needed trip!  It was fun road trippin it with Nate, there were lots of laughs and togetherness.  Lily was so quiet that sometimes we didn't notice her in the back of the car.  We got to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hart in Ft. Myers for a few days before dropping Lily and the car off in Venice and heading back to the COLD Indiana weather. 

Let's Talk Soon!

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