Sunday, December 30, 2012

making breaksticks

Nate totally surprised me and got me a super fancy Christmas VERY OWN Kitchen Aid mixer!  I've had one of these bad boys on my wish list for some time...

I didn't have much on hand and I wanted to keep it simple and easy so I decided on breadsticks.  I definitely never would have made them without this lovely gadget!

Anywho, I decided to document the blossoming of my new friendship.


 here we go!
 letting the yeast sit in warm water

 ain't she a beauty!
 all of the ingredients...let's start her up!
 hard at work mixing like it's her job...oh wait, it is!  ;)
 all mixed up, kneaded and rolled into a log
 slice 'n dice
 looking more like breadsticks
 so many of them!
 rising under the towels
 spooned on the butter (unfortunately, didn't have a brush)
 pretty snow outside
 finally done.
time to enjoy!

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