Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day in the Fort

Nate and I headed up to Fort Wayne for Father's Day Weekend.  Saturday evening we had a cook out at the Cross residence, took a walk and played a game.  Sunday we went to church, had breakfast and attempted to take a double tandem ride. Needless to say the tandem ride didn't last too long.  Overall a great family bonding time!

Just finished husking the grilled corn!

Cooking his father's day steaks...

Family bonding

Sallie trying to sneak treats

Here he is again cooking his own Father's Day meal...we offered but he insisted!

Delicious Strawberry and Raspberry Medley

Mom and Dads tandem. I love the color on this one.

Found this yellow vintage looking bike in the parents garage.  I thought the metal logo decal was cool!

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Stephen Sundberg said...

Lauran, good to see ya back in the Blog swing. Photos are looking nice! Can't wait for DMB!